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Chemical Peels are a skin resurfacing treatment which are ideal to improve wrinkled, blemished, unevenly pigmented or sun damaged facial skin. Just like when you peel away dry bark of an old tree and it reveals fresh wood in all its beauty, chemical peel procedures removes the outer dead layer of the skin to reveal new, smooth skin with a healthy glow.

A wide variety of treatments are available such as;

Superficial chemical peels (Glycolic, salicylic and lactic acid) these require no downtime or aneasthetics, with noticeable results from the 2nd or 3rd treatment Medium depth chemical peels (TCA), 1-4 days downtime needed, no aneasthetics are needed, immediate results are visible Deep chemical peels performed at Revitalab (Brooklyn, Pretoria). esthetics are administered, 4-6 days down time needed, excellent results visible immediately.


Treatment peels are used to treat:


  • Pigmentation

  • Sun Spots (face and hands)

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Anti- aging

At Dr. Heyns Medical Aesthetic Clinic our treatments can last from 30 minutes – 2hours.  All chemical peels are customized to our patients individual needs.

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