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Dermal fillers serve to soften dynamic wrinkles that are caused by facial expressions and repetitive facial movements. Subject to the attending doctor’s recommendation, the area you wish to treat, the issue that exists as well as your budget restraints, Dr, Thys Heyns, situated in Brooklyn, Pretoria can offer any range of Dermal Fillers.

Do you often have comments from other people saying that you’re looking tired all the time?
Are you suffering from dark circles or bags under your eyes?
A dermal filler treatment might be all you need for a younger more refreshed look, instantly!!

We treat dark circles and or bags under your eyes successfully with well-known dermal fillers brands.

Dermal fillers is used in all our volumizing lip treatments. Studies show that more than 80% of patients were satisfied with their results after lip volumization treatments. 90% of patients would like to have the same treatment again, as well as, recommending the treatment to their friends and family.

At Dr. Heyns medical aesthetic clinic (Brooklyn,Pretoria) dermal fillers are used in our non-surgical/liquid facelift and or nose jobs. Studies show that dermal fillers effects are immediate and long lasting which are proven to last up to 12-months. A non-surgical/ liquid facelift or nose job treatment can take up to 30-45 minutes depending on the patient’s specific needs. At Dr. Heyns medical aesthetic clinic (Brooklyn, Pretoria) typical non-surgical / liquid facelift treatments will concentrate on areas such as; forehead lines, Glabellar lines (frown lines), Periorbital lines (crow’s feet), cheeks, nasolabial folds (wrinkles between nose and mouth) perioral lines (smokers lines), oral commissures (sad mouth corners) lips, chin and jawline as well as marionette lines (mouth-to-chin).

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